“We do not own our possessions, we only administer them”

– Detlev Fleischhammel, German theologian

The LIVIA management team bases its success on a foundation of mutual trust and appreciation. Having worked together for over 20 years, the team is more than a group of professional collaborators: bonds that go beyond the boardroom truly weld this team together.

Securing more than 250 major transactions during this period, personal relationships take preference to maximising individual gain, thereby ensuring a business ethic far exceeding the industry norm. Thus the prime objective of the LIVIA management team remains the satisfaction of all business partners and the knowledge that the job has been done correctly.

Most companies view investment as an economic equation comprising risk and return. But not LIVIA. The common belief is that an investment is meaningless, regardless of the capital gained, if not all parties benefit from it. LIVIA considers an investment or a venture successful only if all participants and partners are involved in all achievements, including the emotional benefit of having made the right decision. Passion is valued above returns.

The LIVIA Group assumes the role of an active and leading partner in all business ventures. A mission is not completed when financial figures merely exceed expectations. The LIVIA management team’s goal is to steer reality in such a manner that future generations are also able to benefit from our actions today. Within this dynamic process, LIVIA does not see itself as a passive caretaker but rather as an astute decision-maker always acting with foresight and impact.