German based AlzChem AG has acquired a 100% share in SKW Metallurgie Sweden AB, an affiliate of publicly listed SKW Metallurgie AG (WKN: SKWM02). Signing and closing took place November 19, 2014.

SKW Metallurgie Sweden AB is a leading producer of welding chemicals, which are mostly used in the gas industry. Notably, Alfred Nobel himself laid the foundation for many of his break-through inventions at this Swedish site.

The operating business was transferred free of debt including all industrial facilities and large-scale real estate premises.

The AlzChem Group, one of Europe’s leading specialty chemistry companies, is active in the fields of nutrition, renewable energies, fine chemicals and agriculture. With a turnover exceeding € 300m and about 1,400 employees the company is an important international market player.

With a share of close to 50% the LIVIA Group is the largest stockholder in AlzChem.

”With AlzChem as a buyer we have passed our Swedish affiliate into competent hands“, says Dr. Kay Michel, CEO of SKW Metallurgie since April 1, 2014.

The plant had only recently been taken over by SKW from Akzo Nobel in 2010/11 and was laboriously modernised. In line with SKW’s ongoing strategic realignment (project ”ReMaKe“), the idea of backward integration is no longer being fostered. In this context, the current divestment of the Swedish plant to AlzChem represents a logical consequence, with mutual benefit for both sides involved.

The parties agreed to keep the purchase price confidential. In the context of the transaction, SKW Metallurgy Sweden AB is going to be renamed to Nordic Carbide AB.

For LIVIA Group this acquisition represents the third corporate investment in the current year. Following the acquisition of Duisburg Tubes Production AG, a highly specialised producer of zirconium tubes, from the French industrial conglomerate Areva and the take-over of Italy based Trentinalatte S.p.A., the regional market leader for dairy products, from the Swiss food group Emmi, the Swedish calcium carbide plant is further proof of intensified business in 2014.

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