LIVIA Group invests in AlzChem

Munich based LIVIA Group has acquired a stock package in AlzChem AG from the Luxembourgian fund bluO, increasing its stake in the company to approximately 49%. This step has been welcomed by the company’s management, as a potential takeover by a foreign investor could therefore be pre-empted.

AlzChem AG is an internationally active chemicals company, which has successfully positioned itself as a dominant player in speciality chemicals. Through successful R&D activity, the company is able to exclusively place its in-house developed products on the global market. AlzChem’s four production sites are located in the south-Bavarian „chemicals-triangle” around the district of Traunstein with headquarters based in Trostberg.

The Luxembourgian bluO fund acquired AlzChem from the publically traded Evonik Group in 2009 and subsequently initiated substantial realignment measures. Under new management, AlzChem shifted focus from a predominantly commodity supplier to a speciality chemicals company with in-house developed applications for the renewable energy, food, fine chemicals, and metallurgy industries. The extensive portfolio of trademarked products includes CreaAMINO®, Creapure®, DORMEX®, DYHARD®, SILZOT® HQ, and SILZOT® SQ.

The measures implemented since the 2009 change of ownership resulted in an increase in sales from € 245 million in 2009 to over € 282 million by 2012. Operative EBITDA improved from € 25 million to € 34 million over the same period, representing an increase of about 36%. Management expects sales to reach approximately €300 million this year.

Since 2009, the company has invested more than € 13 million in new production facilities. Recently the AlzChem management, in agreement with the LIVIA Group and the other shareholders, announced a further investment program of € 27 million to support the current growth trajectory.

In a move to preserve the historically good relationship between management and workforce, the 2009 agreement on site protection in cooperation with trade unions and work council has been renewed for an additional 3 years.

With the increased stake in AlzChem, LIVIA hopes to express its long-term interest in the company and its trust in the current management. The present stake of approximately 49% does not exceed the consolidation threshold.

With funds under management amounting to more than € 440, LIVIA Group is an independent industrial holding company and family office of Dr Dr Löw, investing in a diverse spectrum of assets, ranging from corporates, real estate, global investments and opportunistic investment.
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