Construction start: conversion of a historic residential and commercial building on Stollbergstraße 20.

After having received planning permission on 19 June 2013, LIVIA Real Estate GmbH has recently started with the conversion of its late Biedermeier townhouse on Stollbergstraße in Munich downtown. As part of the restoration measures the building will receive both an external and an internal elevator and will be modernized according to state-of-the-art energetics. All four floors are kept as independent units preserving the stately character of the property and providing highest accommodation standards to the future tenants. The so far idle attic will be transformed into a city loft adding another 100 m² to the property. Furthermore, a modern rear building opposite to the old wash house will complete the ensemble with the main house. All construction activities are carried out with the explicit consent of the neighbors. On 1,200 m², LIVIA Real Estate will develop an exclusive residential and commercial building in a prime downtown location complying with the highest aesthetic and technical standards.