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Acquisition of an historic residential and commercial building in Weimar.

Media Release - 17.09.2014
LIVIA Real Estate acquired another residential and commercial building in Thuringia. The property is located in the historic district of Weimar, directly opposite of the town hall. Weimar is one of the most important culture towns in Germany and presents beside the Anna-Amalia bibliotheca and the Castle of Weimar a series of cultural sights and buildings of historical importance.

The acquired building consists of two parts and which were constructed around 1900 and 1995 respectively. LIVIA Real Estate expands its investments on structurally sound markets, which feature a positive development particularly concerning renting conditions of housing space.

The property comprises a leasable area of approximately 500 square meters, which in turn is divided into six accommodation and one commercial unit. The last-mentioned is let to a namable cellphone provider.