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Planning permission granted - conversion of a historic residential and commercial building on Stollbergstraße 20, Munich, starts September 2013

Media Release - 19.06.2013
On 19 June 2013, LIVIA Real Estate GmbH received planning permission in accordance with article 59 and article 68 of the Bavarian Building Regulation for a property purchased on Stollbergstraße 20 in 2012. The late Biedermeier townhouse built in 1856 is located in a prime central Munich location just off the prestigious shopping mile Maximilianstrasse and within walking distance to the renowned Opera, Theatinerstraße and Marienplatz. LIVIA Real Estate is particularly pleased with the swift granting of the planning permission in light of the numerous and strict regulatory environment associated with the restoration and preservation of sites of historic relevance. These standards were successfully matched to the specific requirements of the new ownership. Accordingly, key elements of the historic edifice are being preserved including original door frames, transom windows, as well as stucco and wood flooring from the late eighteenth century. The elaborate facade towards Stollbergstraße inspires with its perfectly preserved stained glass windows. Notably, the foundation partly rests on the prehistoric outer bastion fortification of the medieval city center. On 1,200 m², LIVIA Real Estate will develop an exclusive residential and commercial building in a prime downtown location complying with the highest aesthetic and technical standards. Construction is expected to start in early September 2013.