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Planning permission granted conversion of a residential and commercial building of the 16th century in the town centre of Kitzbuehel

Media Release - 08.08.2013
In 2008 Livia Real Estate acquired Kitzbuehel’s renowned “Finanzamt”, the towns former finance office on Hinterstadt 15 dating back to 1535. Looking back on an eventful history, the building has been host to a colourful array of tenants. Initially being used as a residential building, centuries as the “Berggericht” - the Mountaing Court- and later the “Waldamt”- Forest office- followed. After various renovations and developments, Hinterstadt 15 evolved into the seat of Kitzbuehel’s tax and revenue authorities as which it is still known today. After many years of vacancy, the building has found new ownership under LIVIA Real Estate. LIVIA Real Estate has engaged in the extensive fundamental renovation according to the demands of its prime location with the aim of recreating a state-of-the-art residential and commercial property. Construction plan includes approximately 150 m² of prime retail space in Kitzbuehels foremost pedestrian routes. The development plans of the property are in accordance the strict regulatory requirements and specifications associated with the restoration and preservation of sites of historic relevance. Due to LIVIA Real Estate extensive experience in the restoration and development of historic edifice, Kitzbuehels historic town center is set to gain a premium residential and commercial object in its pedestrian zone.