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“Blauer Kopf” by Rainer Fetting added to the contemporary collection

Media Release - 08.09.2013
As its newest addition the “Blauer Kopf I” (1987) by the German painter and sculptor Rainer Fetting has joined the contemporary collection. The large scale oil-on-canvas painting in the dimensions 240 x 180 cm has been sourced from a private collection in Lower Saxony. Born in 1949 in Wilhelmshaven, Rainer Fetting gained international fame as one of the co-founders and face of the “Galerie am Moritzplatz”, the incubator of the artistic movement the “Moritzboys” that included Salomé, Bernd Zimmer and Helmut Middendorf, later know as the “Junge Wilde” or “Neue Wilde” in the early 1980s. Rainer Fetting is internationally acclaimed as one of the most influential names in German contemporary art through his expansive works of figurative painting across many subject-matters and his works in bronze.