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Diversification is integral part of any comprehensive investment strategy. In LIVIA‘s view a balanced portfolio necessarily includes investments into the world of arts and antiques. In this spirit, the LIVIA Collections try to close the gap between pure financial interest and the intrinsic peculiarities of the art sector. Over the years, LIVIA has successfully build up several significant collections that reflect the cultural emphases of the diverse epochs of world history. Guided by the intention to construct an inclusive overview of human proclivity, the LIVIA Collections concentrate on unique masterpieces clearly linked to their spatiotemporal background.

  • The LIVIA Prehistoric Collection
  • The LIVIA Origins of Scripture Collection
  • The LIVIA Classical Antiquity Collection
  • The LIVIA Medieval Armoury Collection
  • The LIVIA Medieval Manuscript Collection
  • The LIVIA Historic Furniture Collection
  • The LIVIA Oldtimer Cars Collection